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Mission  Statement

Lanée, in 2016, in her new part time boutique job, had noticed that when women look in the mirror, they can be self critical and focus on what’s wrong with themselves so quickly.  Day in and day out she would observe this sad fact, as women tried clothes on in the dressing room where she worked.  “When I could help shift that woman’s focus to her good features and how wonderful she felt to wear her best colors, what it felt like to wear something she loved, then I felt like I was making a difference and I loved it!” says Lanée.  She believes we all, as women, can learn to rise above the shallow expectations of society and learn to love ourselves for who we are today. We can cheer other women on while we are focusing on positive ways to see ourselves and the world.  This is her passion. To connect amazing women and to support them as unique individuals while discovering apparel that helps them feel more confident and empowered.


At age 53, Lanée discovered that she could combine her love of color and design with her customer service/sales job history and make a difference in other women's lives. As a recovering eating disorder patient she could see how negative and critical pop culture in general is of women.  If a woman focuses on that, especially growing up as a young person,  it can have disastrous results for that young woman’s life.  Lanée wanted to make difference by encouraging women to focusing on gratitude for what we do have instead of physical perfection.  The media presents women as needing to look perfect in order to get promoted or be famous. Expectations in young women is almost too much to bear.  “We need to start focusing on the inner woman and how kindness ,love, and generosity make people beautiful” says Lanée who believes we don’t have to be or look perfect to feel good about ourselves.


She and her team loves to help women feel more confident and powerful by wearing their best colors and finding apparel that compliments and expresses their true inner self.  “We can tell when you love it - you light up!” She encourages women to only buy what they love.  We don’t need to settle for a mediocre look in today’s sea of choices.  RoCoco Luxe’s owner loves to connect with amazing women and help them discover how to dress their true essence.  She believes this is a fun journey of self-discovery and feels passionately that women can look and feel beautiful in the body they have today.  Confidence is the cornerstone of true personal style.  We don't encourage women to buy something if the clothing wears them, the focus should be on the person.  Does the apparel compliment her and does she love it? If we can help women feel more confident then, our mission and purpose is complete.

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