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Consignment Guidelines


To start consigning, please read these guidelines.  If you agree with our process for consigning or trade, all you need to do is call for an appointment or show up Wednesday or Saturday 12:00 - 3:00 pm for drop-in.  Appointments take precedence and drop ins are first come first served.  


When you arrive, please sign in with your name, phone, email and time arrived.  At our first chance we will glance over your items.  When they follow below guidelines and meet our criteria we will get you a contract to fill out while you wait.  


YOU GET PAID AT THE END OF YOUR 90 day agreement OR you get immediate store credit for trade.  If you choose to use store credit as your payment for store purchases please call 24 hours ahead so that we can do the accounting in advance.  

How it works

For consignment You make 40% of the sold price (unless you own higher end leather bags, in that case your percentage can go up to 75%...I.E. genuine LV or Gucci bag etc.)  Any other arrangement will be agreed to on the signed contract.  For trade you receive a lump sum for store credit as an outright trade of your goods.  We will enter a 3-month agreement for consignment having bookkeeping completed at your request after 90 days. You will be PAID AFTER CONSIGNMENT ENDS.  We request you to call within a 10 day window, up to 5 days before or up to 5 days after the end of 90 day agreement for accounting and return of unsold items.  When we do not hear from a consignor by 10 days after expiration of contract, all items will either be donated or absorbed by RoCoco Luxe Boutique.  


An additional 10% will be added to your consignment proceeds when you choose to spend that money in the store.  


what can I consign?


  • Higher end Ladies & Junior Clothing  & Accessories that are current. GENTLY-USED clothing - no stains, holes, torn hems, broken zippers, etc. Clothing & Accessories that are current or timeless.

  • Exceptions:we may accept unique  vintage items in excellent condition free of stains and smells.



  • Cold weather seasons are fall and winter, warm weather seasons are spring and summer.  We no longer accept cold weather clothes after 12/31.  We no longer accept warm weather items after 7/31. Shoes must be in like-new condition, they must be clean & in season. 


  • We love high end designer denim.

  • We try to consign only high-end mall-brand or better items, no discount stores.

  • Handbags, scarves, belts and jewelry.  

Sorry, we do not:

  •      consign business suits or wedding gowns.



Minimum suggested retail price: Items needed to have originally been marked by manufacturer for a minimum of $70 (exceptions MAY include popular graphic tees or lovely summer tank tops etc ONLY). Shoes and bags need to be originally marked by the manufacturer for $100.00 or more.  (This is NOT what you paid, but originally suggested retail).  Our motto is "Banana Republic or better", occasionally we will take better Gap denim jackets, dresses etc and I do accept Loft by Ann Taylor if the style and fabrics are “relevant” (sellable to my customer.)


How do I get my clothes ready to bring in?

All clothing should be clean, wrinkle free and on hangers.  Clothes must be in saleable condition with no odors (including pet/smoke), stains, rips, fading, missing buttons, etc.  We love animals, but animal hair on clothing makes it unable to be sold in our store.  We want to provide a clean shopping experience for everybody.  PLEASE make sure your clothing is like new and ready to go on the floor for resale!  All clothing needs to be clean, free of wrinkles and on hangers.  The hangers are yours to keep once we accept and check your clothes in.

 Acknowledgement: We know it’s a lot of work to prepare clothes for our kind of boutique.  Our job is big and takes quite a lot of work and we thank you for your preparation. Our goal is to find that new owner and to get your item sold for you! All apparel needs to be in the condition you would want to see them in at a higher end boutique or department store.



We love natural fabrics like silks, linens and cottons!  Viscose and rayon are some of our favorites!  We will accept items that we feel are “relevant”,  meaning sellable, to our customers.  That may include “select” vintage.  We love to take clothing that possess a “timeless style”! We look for well made construction  and clothing that sparks joy!  We love brands from boutiques and higher end department stores.  ie Ann Taylor and Banana Republic dresses! We only accept apparel made with synthetic fabric like polyester, nylon  OR  ”dry clean only“ when the style and fabric is fabulous i.e. Free People, Johnny Was,  St. John.


We do not accept or sell any brands from TJ Maxx, OLD NAVY, Target, Walmart, JCPenneys, Kohl’s, Kmart or other big box stores like these.


Because of how busy we are on  Fridays and Saturdays  we prefer to book consignment appointments Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday’s only.   If you need a different day because of your schedule, we may be able to accommodate you, so please ask.

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